The Future of Publishing

Kobo has released a practical guide to data analysis. It lays out some key methodologies and explains which conclusions to draw from them. By paying attention to how far readers get through the ebooks they buy, publishers should be able to find the new best seller. Publishing in the era of Big Data

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Converse uses adblock tech to ‘replace boring parts of the internet’ with its own branded content | News | Marketing Week

  By Lara O’Reilly for MarketingWeek   Nike-owned trainers brand Converse has created a browser extension that uses adblock technology for consumers’ to replace other brands’ digital ads – which it says form the “boring parts of the internet” – with its own branded content. The new online platform – dubbed The Ticket – will […]

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Econometricians, Financial Markets and Uncertainty: An Anthropological View

(I invite you to read the comments on the original page)   By Philip Pilkington Link to the original post:   I recently read a paper by the anthropologist David Graeber entitled ‘The Sword, The Sponge, and the Paradox of Performativity: Some Observations on Fate, Luck, Financial Chicanery, and the Limits of Human Knowledge‘. […]

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Masculine and Feminine

  Here is a very nice depiction of masculinity and femininity that Melanie Wallendorf has read at the CCT Conference this year.   « He is playing masculine. She is playing feminine. He is playing masculine because she is playing feminine. She is playing feminine because he is playing masculine. He is playing the kind of […]

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