Econometricians, Financial Markets and Uncertainty: An Anthropological View

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By Philip Pilkington

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I recently read a paper by the anthropologist David Graeber entitled ‘The Sword, The Sponge, and the Paradox of Performativity: Some Observations on Fate, Luck, Financial Chicanery, and the Limits of Human Knowledge‘. Graeber sent it to me because we are hoping to write an article on the emergence of probability theory and its application in the financial markets.

The working title of our paper is ‘The Betrayal of Freedom and the Rise of the Future Machines’. The basic idea is to show that the predictive powers of social sciences — including economics and finance — were shown to be fairly vacuous in the 1960s from a variety of different directions. The response by the horrified professions was to bury the evidence and double down on probabilistic prediction. This coincided with the rise of finance and the whole thing produced the weird world of meaningless numbers and extreme instability that we face today. Lire la suite

Masculine and Feminine


Here is a very nice depiction of masculinity and femininity that Melanie Wallendorf has read at the CCT Conference this year.


"He is playing masculine. She is playing feminine.

He is playing masculine because she is playing feminine.
She is playing feminine because he is playing masculine.

He is playing the kind of man that she thinks the kind of woman she is playing ought to admire. She is playing the kind of woman that he thinks the kind of man he is playing ought to desire.

If he were not playing masculine, he might well be more feminine than she is — except when she is playing very feminine. If she were not playing feminine, she might well be more masculine than he is – except when he is playing very masculine.

So he plays harder. And she plays… softer.
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Starbucks to pay tuition of workers enrolling online at Arizona State

By Shan Li,

Published in the Los Angeles Times, June 16th


Starbucks Corp. is serving up a venti-size portion of tuition assistance to its workers.

The Seattle coffee purveyor said Monday that it would give about $6,500 a year in tuition reimbursement to employees who enroll in Arizona State University’s online bachelor’s degree programs for their first two years. That would cover roughly half of tuition costs.

Starbucks will offer full reimbursement to workers in their junior and senior years, the company said in a statement.

The assistance is open to employees who work at least 20 hours a week at any company-operated store, regardless of how long they’ve been with the company. Employees are not required to remain with the company after graduation.

The offer is yet another effort by Starbucks to retain its workforce and engender long-lasting loyalty among its employees, experts said.

"Labor is the single biggest cost for Starbucks, period," said Sharon Zackfia, an analyst at William Blair & Co. "It’s competitive at any level to get good talent. And their belief is this is another benefit they could provide to ensure consistency and continuity in the level of service."

Though many companies offer forms of tuition assistance, they often come with strings attached, such as requiring students to remain on the job for a number of years after getting their degrees. And years of economic turmoil have forced many corporations to cut back on these programs.


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Annuaire de la Recherche / Research Yearbook 2014


Vous trouverez ici tous les travaux du laboratoire de recherche en sciences de gestion d’Aix Marseille.





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Belle opération de communication pour cette association brésilienne


Movimento de Mulheres



L’association Moviento de Mulheres lutte contre les discriminations et les violences faites aux femmes brésiliennes. Pour se faire entendre, l’association a placé une affiche d’un homme violent derrière des barreaux transparents dans un centre commercial très fréquenté de Rio de Janeiro. Les passants avaient la possibilité de remplir les barreaux de pièces de monnaie pour mettre symboliquement l’homme derrière de vrais barreaux en métal.

Une vraie belle opération qui fait du buzz. Lire la suite

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SCIgen: 30 seconds to write an article… and get published in Springer!

SCIgen is a software developped by MIT students that generates nonsense papers. Some of them were accepted to be presented at international conferences…

Springer statement on SCIgen HERE (Springer accepted papers for publication!)

If you want to generate a paper:

More information HERE (Nature article)


If you generate paper, it will look like this:

M.A. by Scigen

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