Apart from publications and conferences, Mathieu Alemany Oliver is also active within the scientific community. He is an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, a trainee reviewer for the Journal of Consumer Research, and an ad-hoc reviewer for the European Journal of Marketing, Qualitative Market Research, and for conferences of the ACR, AMA, AMS, and CCTC.

Since 2011, Dr. Alemany Oliver has been teaching in a university setting and accredited business schools at the undergraduate level, graduate level, and to adults involved in continuing education. He has been in charge of very different courses such as statistics, marketing principles, customer relationship management, B2B marketing, brand and community management, cultural and philosophical approach of marketing, or event management. His teaching style is built on two main principles: a genuine professor-student relationship and ludic learning. When possible, he asks his students to work on real marketing projects that will help social or local entrepreneurs taking up their challenges.